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Inspire one person at a time.

Innov8AEC is a leading innovation and technology consulting firm that specializes in helping AEC professionals and organizations accelerate business value. With a focus on developing people for the future of design and construction, we provide cutting-edge solutions and strategic guidance to drive growth and success. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and creating a positive impact in the industry. Partner with us to unlock your full potential and stay ahead of the competition.

We provide professional services to facilitate innovation and help you achieve your goals. With our knowledge and experience, we can exceed your expectations and offer customized solutions to fit your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about the improvements we can help you achieve.

Professional Services


As a keynote speaker, we bring dynamic insights and engaging perspectives to captivate audiences. 


Our role as panelists involves contributing expertise and facilitating insightful discussions.


Through innovation workshops, we create dynamic environments to inspire creativity and problem-solving. 


Acting as facilitator, we guide collaborative processes, ensuring productive and meaningful interactions that drive positive outcomes for our clients.


We specialize in guiding executives through transformative processes, offering executive coaching to enhance leadership skills.


Our expertise extends to crafting innovative strategies that drive organizational growth, emphasizing digital transformation and leveraging emerging technologies.


Additionally, we excel in implementing knowledge management solutions to optimize information flow within the organization.


Our comprehensive approach includes designing and overseeing innovation programs, ensuring alignment with emerging technologies to position businesses for sustained success.


We provide a holistic approach to organizational development, offering access to our dynamic Community of Practice online portal where professionals can engage, collaborate, and share insights.


Our commitment to learning and development extends to tailored programs fostering skill enhancement and growth.


Through immersive Design Thinking workshops, we stimulate creative problem-solving.


Our talent development initiatives focus on nurturing individuals to reach their full potential, and our people engagement strategies ensure a positive and collaborative organizational culture, promoting long-term success.


We serve as trusted advisors for technology providers, providing strategic guidance in business and go-to-market strategies.


Leveraging our industry insights, we facilitate Research and Development (R&D) partnerships with both industry and academia, fostering innovation.


Our expertise includes navigating the intricacies of industry proof of concept processes and fundraising initiatives.


Additionally, we offer specialized support in marketing and promotion, ensuring startups effectively communicate their value proposition to stakeholders, contributing to their overall success in the dynamic tech landscape.



"Ricardo is internationally recognized digital construction innovator. Not only is he a highly respected people leader in construction, but he is also a remarkable technologist and an innovator across industry verticals. Collaboration with Ricardo has pushed the world of technology forward in digital leaps. Ricardo has made emerging technology attractive for construction companies from the operations point of view, but also as a feasible business venture for technology companies to invest resources in. "

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